FDF Ambassadors

It's incredibly important as a Charity that we can align with like minded people to help us achieve our goals. With the help of our ambassadors we can reach a greater audience to raise awareness of Duchenne MD


James Horwill

I first met James Thompson in 2011 whilst playing for Queensland. James and I share the same name and the same birthday. James is the first to send me a message every birthday and I appreciate our friendship very much.
Helping James, and his family as well as supporting the Fight Duchenne Foundation in the work to make a difference is something I am very passionate about, and doing all I can to support children and families living with Duchenne is a cause close to my heart.

Garrick picture.jpg

Garrick Morgan

I am very honoured to be an Ambassador for the Fight Duchenne Foundation. After a career of professional sport I really want to give back to children with my time and energy. I am always willing to support great causes and after becoming aware of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and meeting James Thompson, I have found a cause that really needs more awareness and support. Being a father of a healthy teenager I am constantly reminded how fortunate I am and look forward to helping to raise awareness and funds for the Duchenne community and Fight Duchenne.


Rod Kafer

After meeting Julian Thompson, the founder of Fight Duchenne and hearing more about Duchenne muscular dystrophy at one of Fight Duchenne’s Charity lunches I was asked to come on board as an ambassador. To be able to help a good rugby bloke in making a difference to a community of boys who will never be able to play rugby due to Duchenne is something I am delighted to support and help make a difference in any way I can. I am looking forward to joining the Fight Duchenne in future events to raise money for the cause and create awareness around this insidious disease.

Nick Mac.JPG

Nick McArdle

I first met James in 2013 while shooting a story for RugbyHQ on Fox Sports. Little James was meeting Big James – then Reds captain James Horwill. They’d just celebrated their shared birthday.

I couldn’t help but be impressed by little James, and his family. It’s their courage and their can-do attitude in the face of many day to day challenges that I respect so much.

While there’s nothing Julian wouldn’t do for his son and the rest of his family, it’s also his desire to help others suffering Duchenne which has made me want to get involved.

The Thommos are a great family and it’s a pleasure to play my very small part in the fight.


Brendan Cannon

My awareness for the Fight Duchene Foundation occurred when I had the pleasure of meeting Julian and his son James at a function. What resonated immediately was their energy and their attitude to Life. With the adversity in life the Thompson Family have been exposed to it can only be managed with a structure of support, a framework of family, friends and community networks. This collective tribe of support helps to lighten the load of the journey that lay ahead. It is an honour and a privilege to a part of the extended Thompson Family. They are a tribe of special individuals that inspire, motivate and positively influence everyone they meet. They are my friends, my family and my tribe.