Andrew Growcott

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Excited to be part of the Tour Duchenne again this year, helping to make a difference to the Duchenne community. Due to my lack of co-ordination i will again be taking on the role of lead support driver, keeping all the riders safe on the road. I have been training for this up here on the Gold Coast, driving down the motorway at 20km/h with my hazards on, calling every pothole, broken glass and road kill that i see to myself.

In all seriousness we are all doing this to raise money for the fight against Duchenne and i am committed to raising a minimum of $5000 for this very worthy cause. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your support.


Support Andrew Here

Eric Growcott - $500 - "Best of luck to all riders and the support team."

Jan Growcott - $500 - " Hope you see the Tassie Tiger."

Matt Lloyd - $200 - "Good luck Growy."

Julian Doyle - $200 - "Good work dude. Stay off the piss."

Simone Smith - $200 - "Nice photo Growy. That photoshop works a treat."

Ken Phillips - $200 - "Great work Andrew, I've seen you drive before, so this does come as a surprise. I like your persistence."

Fraser Kahler - $50

James McCauley - $100

Nick Harvey - $100 - "Good work Growy"