Julian Thompson


It has been 10 years since I heard the terrible words on Father’s day 2006 “ Your son has muscle disease”.  The Julian who existed before that day has long gone. It feels like the world has been in slow motion since that day, and is all a big bad nightmare. I promised my son James that day that I would do all I can to save his life, and make the lives of other Duchenne families as good as I can. 10 years…..It is fatiguing, and emotionally it is getting harder and harder to front up to a battle that I will most likely never win.

If it wasn’t for the friends that support me unconditionally, who mount up and ride with me year after year. Who come to our charity events, and show their love and support, I promise you I would not have made it this far. Yesterday I took James to another doctors appointment. No cure, no improvement, no real sign of a life being saved yet.

So I do what I think is right. I ride again. I ask my friends to help me, help others. In the name of my son. I asked them to believe in my vision of an oasis style retreat for the Duchenne community to enjoy whilst they can - James House.I ask you to never stop helping and to do all you can to make a difference that is so urgently needed.

My personal goal again this ride is $50,000.

Thanks for the love and support.



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Team Thommo

Phil Lucas - $200 - "Good luck Julian"

Bruce Purser - $1000 - "Go Julian, proud of you. Bruce and the IPDA team"

Craig Ross - $250 - "Good luck Thommo, great work you are doing."

Bradley Harper - $500 - "All the best Thommo, hope you hit that 50k mate!"

David Simpson - $200 - "Ride strong Kansas. Sorry I can't join you guys this year, am sure it will be an epic!"

Dannielle Spokes - $100 - "To James xxx Max"

Lisa Burgess - $100 - "All the best Jules xx"

Michael Fox - $200 - "It's a great thing what you're doing Jules, not just for James, but for all the families. Nothing but respect."

Nick Thompson - $100 - "More to come"

Nick Thompson - $1000 - "More on its way"

Carly McWilliams - $100 - "Love and strength Jules x"

Tim Kelleher - $100 - "Go hard team . Such an inspiration Thommo."

Marienne Guberina - $100 - " You're doing amazing!"

Anthony Northam - $500

Michael Dixon - $200 - "Mate your commitment is unwavering. Keep up the good work for such an important cause."

Scott Couper - $100 - "Keep striving JT"

Duwayne Mattig - $100 - "You are an absolute legend! Hats off to you mate."

Chris Routledge - $500 - "Good luck Thommo"

Ben Singleton - $1000 -"Good luck mate."

Sandra Noble - $50 - " Sending our love and support."

Anonymous - $50 - "As usual am in awe of your efforts mate."

Kim Hart - $200 - " Ride strong my friend and keep shining your light."

Candiah Giritharan - $100 - "Keep It Up."

Michelle Shimakage - $50 - "May the force be with you!"

Karen Blakey - $50 - "Amazing efforts over a number of years. Good luck on the last Tour Duchenne."

Gemma Mackintosh - $100 - "Good luck guys, the Mackintosh family xxxx"

Dean Tonkin - $1000 - "Amazing effort mate. Good luck to all the riders."

Paul McNee - $750 - "Keep going Thommo lets believe in a cure."

Kim Williams - $250 - "Good luck Jules, hope you achieve your dream for James and all other DMD children xxxxx"

Kelly McCarthy - $100 - "Keep up the great work Jules!!! Love ya!!"

Kylie Segedin - $100

Marc Hearn - $100 - "All the best mate"

Trent Beacroft - $500 - "Good luck mate"

Mike Siuda - $200 - "Go Jules Go James!!"

Geoffrey Last - $100 - "Good luck Thommo and the family love ya xx"

Mark Rechner - $150 - "Wish I was there riding and raising money for this very special cause."

Brett Wright - $100 - "Great effort Thommo."

Toby Hunn - $200 - "Great work for an amazing cause."

Chris Hartfrre - $200 - "Keep up the great work."

Jim Barlow - $100 - "All the best mate."

Anonymous - $500

John Warren - $500 - "Good luck with the ride."

Marcus Mills - $500 - "All the very best for the ride Thommo."

Keith Sedergreen - $100 - "Best wishes for a successful last tour!"

Sylvie Hoffman - $75 - "Thanks for the reminder. Hope to reach your goal!"

Andrew Ford - $300 - "Well done and good luck on the ride!"

Justin Timothy - $100 - "Good luck mate"

Paul Turner - $100

Siobhan Bugden - $100 - "Good luck guys. Hope the arses aren't too sore at the end x"

Owen Johnston - $200 - " Travel safe mate ...she's a big ride...All the best..OJ"

Andrew Baker - $500 - "Nice to meet you all at the pub. Good luck with the rest of your trip."

King Landscapes - $5000

Paul Bond - $100 - "Such an great man Julian....you never cease to amaze with your determination. Well done!"

Raj Notani - $100 - "All the best mate, good luck."\

Sally Dean - $50 - "Great work Julian"

Adam Law - $500 - "Fight the fight mate. Great job your doing!!!"

David Kuhnemann - $250 - "Well done mate keep up the good work."

Jim Hendrie - $500

Philip Kneipp - $500 - "Well done mate."