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Friends of mine Rob Quin and Julian Thompson both have Duchenne muscular dystrophy boys. Matt and James are pretty much wheelchair bound at very young ages due to this terrible muscle wasting disease.

There is NO CURE and I would love to raise as much money as possible for the FIGHT DUCHENNE FOUNDATION as I can so they can fund care, support, modifications and respite to all Duchenne kids and their families.

The ultimate goal of the Fight Duchenne Foundation is to build JAMES’ HOUSE on the Gold Coast for all Duchenne families to come and rest, relax and respite.

MY JOB : is to ride around Tasmania in April for these kids that aren’t lucky enough to be able to ride a bike. It will be about 800km of hilly terrain in a crazy week of pedalling.

Please donate what you can to help the cause of trying to reach my personal goal of $15,000.

As Thommo says “all we can do is fight the good fight”.

Thank You !!!

TOTAL RAISED -$ 7,110.00


Support Marty Here

Julie McCracken - $50 - "Good luck with your ride Marty"

Andrew Mesiti - $50 - "Love your work Beez."

Tom Vescio - $50 - "Good work Marty, didn't know they made Licra that big...."

Steven Burden - $100 - "Sounds like a pub crawl to me  .. enjoy"

James Kemp - $100 - "Good luck bud."

Ross Cummings - $100 - "Well done Marty.........#RESPECT mate!!"

Regan Gee - $200 - "Good luck mate."

Karla Armas - $50 - "Good luck on the ride!"

Lorraine Swavley - $50 - "A very worthy cause Marty...good luck!!!"

Peter Kountouris - $100 - "Marty hope this helps its great you and your friends can help and contribute to the foundation. cheers Peter."

Gordon Barnes - $100 - "Good luck Bees, your a legend! I love a strong man in Lycra."

Christian Hobbs - $50 - " Good luck mate."

Robert Puzzer - $200 - "All the best with the hills."

Grant Veronique - $400 - "Your support of James,Matty and there families is Phenomenal."

Angela Roberts - $100 - "Great Job Marty! Reuben and Angela"

William Langley - $100 - "Good luck Marty. Enjoy Tassie."

Velimir Ilic - $100 - "On ya bike Marty. Good on you for helping with a worthy cause. Cheers Budd."

Nick Duchatel - $100 - "Good luck mate!"

Mitchell Timosevski - $200 - "Rip in Marty. Don't forget to shave the whole body"

Luke Wooldridge - $50 - "Well done Marty, hope you have a comfy seat mate!"

Trevor Hitch - $100 - "Well done Marty ! Ride hard."

Ian Cronin - $100 - "Good work Marty and for a great cause."

Northern Beaches Brazilian Soccer Schools - $100 - "Fantastic efforts Marty!!"

Jelte Bakker - $200 - "Great work Bees!"

Gavin Perri - $200 - " Look !!! There they are .... they're all there !!!!"

Klaus Lejon - $50 - "Bees, great cause and good luck with the ride mate! Cheers"

Peter Downman - $50

Luke Carrier - $50 - "Great work Bees!!!"

Greg Walley - $100 - " The lengths you go to just to get away from the family for a few days."

Josh Makin - $200 - "Awesome work Marty!! Good luck."

Mick Spencer - $100 - "Make sure you have plenty of chain lube and keep up the fluids!"

Michael Grinbergs - $100 - "Go Marty!!! Big hearts build houses. When you come back you can finish yours. Remember keep the knees IN and the core STRONG up those climbs. Suck it in bro."

Glenn Wilkinson - $100

Sally Beesley - $220 - "Thanks for all your help flipping sausages! Good luck with the ride. Sal"

Sally Beesley - $100 - "All the best with the hills. Hopefully you have a good seat with plenty of padding! Proud of you. Sal x"

Rob Quin - $500 - "Hey Champ Your such a legend doing your 3rd ride. It means a lot to me as you are such a good mate. Quiny"

FirstLife Pty Ltd - $200

David Nejedly - $50 - "Don't make the other riders look bad."

Mark Perri - $50 - "Good luck Marty, you're a legend."

Maxine Keenan - $50 - "Proud of you. Good luck."

Chris Hodges - $500 - "The world needs more people like you mate, Safe travels my friend, Chris"

Nada Aulburn - $100 - "All the best on your big ride, from the Aulburn's"

Aaron Brown - $100 - "All the best mate."

David Cook - $100 - "Good on you Marty!"

 John Kenyon - $200 - "Good luck - regards John and Ann"

Jeannine Clark - $500 - "Good luck Marty!"

Lucas Kull - $100 - "Good luck u weapon"

Mark Chambers - $100 - "800km are you crazy? Good luck Marty. Hope it all goes well."

Nicole McKenzie - $50 - "xxx"

Russell Walker - $20 - "Best of luck Marty"

Bob Beesley - $300 - " Well done Marty, we are proud of you. Love Mum & Dad"

Steve Ross - $50 - "Well done Bees...great cause!"

Anonymous - $50 - "Mosman FC supporting you - great cause"