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I have bitten the bullet again and decided to help out Julian Thompson and the Fight Duchenne Foundation, and will embark on this 1000km+ bike ride around Tasmania over 8 days in April 2017 to help raise money for the foundation that supports families like his. Julian’s’ son, James is unfortunate enough to have DMD.

 Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is the most common inherited neuromuscular disorder affecting 1 in 3500 boys (rarer in girls). DMD results in a progressive degeneration of all muscles in the human body including muscles in the limbs, diaphragm and heart. Children lose the ability to walk and to perform the most simple of tasks such as eating, scratching their nose and even blinking. Children are losing their battle with Duchenne as early as 9 or 10 years old and typically die in their early 20’s from heart and respiratory failure. There is no current cure for Duchenne. It is 100% fatal.

I first came across Julian and the FDF when my brother, Nick, took up the challenge over nearly two weeks in 2014 when the Tour Duchenne "caravan" traveled from Adelaide to Melbourne. After following the ride remotely and seeing how it impacted the riders, their families and the families they  were riding for, I decided this is something that i needed to be involved in as lives are being positively impacted from these events and this Foundation

After completing my first challenge of the 2015 Tour Duchenne, I will be back riding for kids who can't in the next installment of the 2017 Tour Duchenne.

I am committed to raise a minimum of $15k and ask my friends and colleagues to dig deep. All money raised goes to supporting families with services and tangible needs to assist in their daily struggle.

I am humbled by your time given and support for this cause. 



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Anonymous - $500 - "Hi Matt, Well done for getting back on the bike but more importantly giving of yourself for this terrific cause"

Geoff Wright - $100 - "Great work Matt for a great cause"

Sharon Bennie - $100 - "I think you're such a champ for doing this! Happy to support you & the charity. Go Chewy!!"

David Docking - $250 - "Good luck, from Singers. Dd"

Mark Mullen - $50 - "Well done Burnovski, great effort for a great cause"

Matthew Kimball - $50 - "Good luck Matt!"

Mark Kadwell - $100 - "Nice work Matt. Good luck."

Michelle Edmonds - $50 - "Good on you Matt"

Katie Girard - $70 - "Well done Matt!"

Brendan Carpenter - $100 - "Enjoy Matt!"

Sandi Burnham - $230 - "Love you my bike rider x"

Peter Papadatos - $50 - "That's fantastic Matt"

Jason Nesbitt - $100 - "Great work champ."

Laura Burnham - $150 - "This is for dinner!!! Well done Matt - can't wait to watch the trek around tassie x"

Robyn Burnham - $500 - "Good luck for the ride Matthew"

Rob Campaniello - $50 - "Well done Matt you're a CHAMP."

Michael Kovacs - $100 - "You're a legend in the saddle big fella and chaffing for a great cause! Kurls."

Ryan Marsh - $200 - "Well done Cuzzo, Very proud of you and your ongoing support! Good Luck!"

Brian Hagen - $50 - "Hi Mat! Great cause and great event!"

Kai Blunck - $250 - "Good luck Matt."

John ZEMEK - $500 - "You have a big heart Matt and with the power in your legs you will get there easily. Hopefully the mechanicals don't impede your progress."

Brett Straatemeier - $500 - "Great cause for a great adventure. Go Matt"

Sandor Kovacs - $50 - "Good onya Matt"

Andrew Spencer - $200 - "Nice work Burnie!"

Ash Heather - $250 - "Don't let Thommo draft you Matty !!"

Anonymous - $1,000 - "Brilliant work Burnie!"