Matthew White

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Having moved from Collaroy to the Gold Coast 15 months ago i reconnected with an old "RAT" Julian Thompson. Little did i know that this would change my life forever. Julian has an amazing family, his wife is a Michelin rated home cook and his four children are all great characters. Sadly his oldest, James, suffers from the muscle wasting disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Over the the time James and I have become great mates and i have devoted my time to the FDF to achieve our goal of building James House - a fully equipped respite Oasis for kids and the families living with DMD.

Whilst i won't be riding (I've never had a great relationship with 2 wheels) my role is one of support. Handling the organisation and logistics around the whole tour. Ensuring that each rider is safe and that we achieve all the goals we have set out. I would like to raise $5000 to help the FDF achieve its Legacy Initiative - James House.

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Total Raised - $1,900.00

Randall Cook - $20 - "I want to see you on a bike !!!! any bike, just a bike."

Xavier Ryan - $100 - "Proud of you Coach Matt! You're a CHAMPION!"

Peter Cassin - $100 - "Sounds like a great thing to do, and a fantastic cause. Good luck Matt; I love Tasmania and will be there myself in a couple of weeks; enjoy. Cheers."

Peter Bull - $30 - "Great work Matt."

Elyse Nickson - $100 - "Great cause - Love the Nickson's"

The Carson's - $100 - "Well done Matt, what a loyal friend contributing your support for James. Happy to double the donation if we get some footage of you riding some of the Map!!"

Adam Guberina - $100

Kate Gunn - $50 - "This is very close to my heart as my brother had Duchenne's. Good on you Matt. Amazing cause."

Sarah Russell - $30 - "Well....go Matt! Very proud to see you on ya bike! Best of luck......plenty of photos please :)"

David Simpson - $100 - "What a great cause, good luck."

Christian Macgregor - $100 - "Well done 301, support crew the hardest job of them all I'm sure!! Good luck from all."

David Schubert - $100 - "Well done Matt, can you pass my regards onto Julian."

Kristen Fraser - $30 - "While I'm sure you'll have everything running like a well oiled machine, I wanted to see you on the bike :)"

Madonna Paavola - $20 - " All the best for a great event & cause."

Nathan Boroughs - $100 - "Great work mate!!"

 Anonymous - $50

Kylie Symonds - $200 - "Great work Matt."

Lilian Ellwood-Hall - $20 - "Great cause Matt, good luck!"

Damian Giles - $50 -  "You look great in Lycra."

Nicholas Torpey - $50 - "Yew !"

Greg Lawson - $50 - "Good work Mate."

Matthew Gowen - $100

Greg Gerrard - $100 - "You are all making a difference."

Dave Richards - $100 - "Well done Matt, a great cause!"

Justin Smith - $100 - "To see you in Lycra for a good cause"