Rob Barton


We are riding around Tasmania to raise funds for the sufferers of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  This is a fatal and debilitating disease which becomes progressively worse as sufferers age, robbing them of their otherwise normal mobility.  Our goal is to help the families and sufferers of this cruel condition ease their financial burden by providing some additional assistance in the form of facilities and equipment. 

Fortunately, my wife and I are blessed with three beautiful and healthy girls, however, not everyone is that lucky and understanding the impact this disease has on people is both scary and profound, hence why I am riding.  

Each rider is aiming to raise $15,000 and as such I am seeking your support to dig deep and donate to this worthy cause as we ride 700 kms (8,000m of total altitude) around the Apple Isle.

TOTAL RAISED -$9,716.55

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Anonymous - $300 - "Great that you are very happy to ride to support this important cause. So proud of you for caring and doing."

Stuart Rofe - $50 - "Good luck. Hope the weather treats you well."

Gerard Douglas - $50 - "Great cause Rob and what better way to bring this wretched affliction to the eyes of the world. Safe riding and enjoy the experience of your achievement."

Christian Hobbs - $50 - "Enjoy mate."

William Langley - $100 - "Go Rob. Great effort. Enjoy Tassie"

Joseph Caristo - $100 - "Very good cause and all the best with the ride Rob!"

Ross Harper - $150 - "Great cause, good luck!"

Patrick Elliott - $50

Abdullah Javed - $50

Melanie Mahoney - $100 - "Good on you Rob! Rather you than us ;) best of luck from Mel + Muz"

Caroline Sharpen - $85 - "Go Rob ... this is for all the vertical bits!! Some great terrain coming up. Have a great ride."

Kierin Ryan - $50 - "Good stuff Rob. I will pay the money on strict proviso you post nothing of you in lycra."

Troy Cairns - $100 - " You've always had an interest in the map of this rides makes sense. Best of luck mate!"

Stuart Zorbas - $100 - "Worthy cause. All the best for the ride Rob."

Sean Jones - $50 - " ....700 kms ride (8,000m of total altitude)...Gulp!! I would join you but my Tyre is flat. Good Luck"

 The Zulu - $50

Ian Galloway - $100 - "Good luck Rob.... this is a wonderful venture, Congratulations. I hope this little bit helps. Regards Ian."

John Beaumont - $100 - "GO TEAM BARTON!"

Anonymous - $50

Alex Lei - $50 - "Good on you for supporting such a worthwhile cause. Best of luck!"

Aleksandar Vasilevski - $100 - "GO ROBERTO BARTONI!"

Luke Wooldridge - $50 - "Great cause Rob. Enjoy!"

Sam Karatasas - $200 - "Great cause. Enjoy the Apple Isle and ride strong."

Johan Kranenburg - $100

Cynthia Cassinelli - $200 - "Happy to support this wonderful cause...Enjoy beautiful Tassie and Best of Luck with the ride."

Andrew Barton - $500 - "Good one Rob I am sure the ride will be very scenic whilst raising funds for a great cause. The other Barton Family!"

Daniel Packanen - $100 - "Peddle hard mate ! Good stuff."

Natassa Costi - $100 - "This is awesome Rob!!!"

Carl Stanfield - $50 - "Good luck mate! great cause and 1 hell of a ride!"

Rodney Anderson - $100 - "What set are you using on the back wheel?"

Craig Williams - $250 - "Rob............Bone Chance Mon Ami........will be thinking of you and all that 'enjoyment' you'll be enduring.......Williams"

Shane McGregor - $25

Judith Huston - $50 - "Have a great ride, Rob, and say hi to Tassie for me!"

John Borzi - $1000 - "I wish I was fit enough to join you. Great cause Rob and try and enjoy it between breaths."

Stephen Ellis - $50 - "Good one Rob - push those peddles - loves from us all xo!"

Andrew Stevens - $200 - "Mate great cause and a BRUTAL task. Good luck with it."

David Sidd - $50 - "Good luck Rob!"

Lisa and David Hudson - $250 - " What an amazing cause!! The World is a better place because of kind souls like you Rob (and your family for supporting you whilst raising money for those in need) Travel safe and take care, David, Lisa, Oscar, Orla and Freya."

Carlos Cienfuegos - $100 - "Good luck Rob. Great cause !"

Catherine Ankeshian - $25

Kyle Miller - $100 - "Better get those snow chains out..."

Bryant Tejada - $50 - "Thanks for fighting for a great cause!"

Jonathan Hapke - $20

Roberta Wallace - $50 - "Right behind you Rob, and a great cause. Bert"

Andrew Percival - $91.55 - "On ya Rob. A great cause and an incredible experience to boot. Careful on them roads."

Josko Bouman - $100 - " Good on ya mate, go well"

Anthony Halfhide - $100 - "Well done Rob."

Phill Gray - $100 - "Have a safe ride Rob."

Justine Guy - $20 - "Well done Rob Barton, great commitment to an wonderful foundation."

John McCormack - $300

Graeme Lynch - $50 - "Let us know how good the BER's are in Tassie..."

Mark Oakey - $50 - "awesome work Rob. notching up some serious elevation. stay safe"

Darren McCullum - $100 - "Admirable effort that you're making Roberto. Wish I was joining you. Ride hard & stay safe mate. All the best. Daz"

Michael Mahon - $100 - " Hey Roberto! Good luck with the ride, looks like a beast and such a great cause!! Best of Luck, Mike & Shel!"

Nicky Tallentire - $50 - "Go Rob!!"

Adam Hodgkiss - $50 - "Remember mate - it's not the size of the man in the lycra, it's the size of the lycra on the man."

Rohan Woolf - $50 - "Well done Rob, great cause, ride well."

Noel Allnutt - $200 - "Awesome work mate, good luck"

Anonymous - $100

Paul Warren - $200 - "Best of luck mate, such an amazing cause."

Sarah Smith - $100

Jennifer McMinn - $50 - "No punctures allowed!! Pedal safely and take a photo for me. Best of luck for the adventure. Jen - big bunny"

Scott Caulfield - $50 - "Have a cracker of a ride mate. Enjoy the moment and stay upright!"

Jason Smith - $50 - "Great work Rob."

John Whyte - $100 - "Top effort for a great cause Rob!"

Richard Youssef - $150

Anonymous - $2,000

Ian Langridge - $100