Rob Stevens


Managing Director – Positus (Investment Property Specialists)

Your help please...

As you will most know I've cycled on the Tour Duchenne a couple of times now but alas because of an injury last year I haven’t been able to get back on a bike since. In under two weeks we are off again, this time doing a lap of Tasmania to raise money for kids and families coping with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Sadly due to my ongoing back problems I won't be in the saddle this year but I will be contributing by driving the support bus, which in itself has been a feat as I didn't have a bus/truck licence until a couple of weeks ago. A feat equally taxing as cycling the hills of Tasmania (said not one of the riders!), one that took training, revision, time and mental energy.

Your support is desperately needed to help the kids and families coping with this insidious disease that is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 1 in 3,500 boys get it, it is fatal, wasting and probably one of the hardest and expensive diseases to deal with, with the outcome bleak.

We depart on the 8th April so please help me to help those families that need it, they desperately need it.

As ever your help is much appreciated.

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TOTAL RAISED -$ 5,183.33

Anonymous - $200- "Even though you're driving the broom wagon it's a hardship because you're in Tasmania and will have to avoid all the locals straying onto the road with their 11 good fingers and 1 good eye."

Brooks Family - $50 - "Even though you've got a comfy seat this year, we'll still be thinking of you! Such a worth cause. Well done cx"

David Swaddle - $100 - "Go Mr Bus Driver!"

Michael Vella - $50 - Great effort Rob, keep that team bus on the track."

David Webster - $25 - "Good on you for all of the efforts"

Roger Dowling - $150 - "Good on you Rob - behave in that truck bus 8-)"

Robert Little - $50 - "Hope all goes good Rob, DON'T get lost."

Mark Cairney - $100 - "Go Rob - very important task carting all that beer around Tassie! Cheers mate - great job for a great cause!"

James Shanks - $100

Piers Thompson - $50 - " Well done Rob - great cause and I have no doubt you will make an inspirational bus driver."

Quintin Freeman - $200 - "Don't be late for drinks."

Narelle Hine - $200 - "A great cause and a great ring leader Rob."

Jasper Edwards - $33.33

Gabrielle Appleton - $50 - "Nice one Rob! Good luck to the team!"

Hyph Read-Jones - $50 - "Rob good luck driving the bus around those tight narrow roads of Tassie! A great cause."

Anonymous - $1500

Vanessa Reeve - $50 - "I look forward to seeing photos of beautiful Tasmania's truck stops!"

Anthony Stevens - $200 - " Is bus driver a promotion? Pops"

Anonymous - $50 - "Good luck Rob"

Matt Delves - $50 - "All the best Rob."

Image Property - $1000 - "Nice work mate, great cause."

Adam McMonigal - $50

Virginia Lacon - $50 - "Best of luck. Xxxx Pinny"

Grant Mason - $100 - "Good luck Rob, don't crash the truck!"

Anonymous - $25 - "For Glenn"

Abraham Pollak - $120 - "good causes, good actions, good for all. 'Good'on'ya"

Wayne Black - $50

Ed and Maureen Rapo - $100

Martin Richter - $30 - " Karma Rob - that is all :-)"

S M - $100 - "Great work Rob."

Oliver Freer - $100 - "Good luck Rob!"

Pamela O' Connor - $50 - "Hail to the Bus Driver, Bus Driver. Best of Luck to you all."

Gary Kastanias - $100 - "go nephew"

Scott McLaren - $50 - "Well done sir!"