Tony Bradley

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Julian has become a very dear friend of mine over the past 25 years. Helping make his son James'life easier and possibly contribute to finding a cure for DMD is why i choose to be an active part of the Fight Duchenne family. After riding to Melbourne in 2009 i decided that riding is not my bag so i have since been on the support crew for all but one of the other three major rides of the Tour Duchenne. This year i hope my experience and enthusiasm will help it be a great success once again.


Support Tony Here

Chris Knight - $500 - "Driving or massage boy?"

Sharon McKellar - $100 - "Looking forward to seeing you back in St Helens - my sister had raised a wonderful boy xx"

Crystal Mckellar - $50 - "Looking forward to meeting this amazing team"

Chris Bradley - $500 - "Good on you bro."

Andree Bradley - $300

Michael Gallagher - $100

David Fingret - $250 - "Go Bammers!"

Juliette Bradley - $300 

Glen Condie - $250 - "For the worst cyclist i have ever seen, but the best truck driver !!"

Don MacKellar - $50

Gabby Malpas - $50 - "Onya Bammers"